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Subject Virtual School

Virtual School without Boundaries.

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Our Mission.

Providing barrier-free virtual education to maximize each student's potential.

Our Vision.

Revolutionizing the empowerment of students and educators by leading the way in virtual education.

Our Philosophy.

Customized learning pathways ensure quality education for students everywhere.

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Welcome to Subject Virtual School

Subject Virtual School is designed for 21st-century students who require dynamic, digital, diverse education opportunities in order to be engaged and prepared for the changing world they will enter into.

Graduation Rate

Students at our school receive the support needed to finish what they start — as shown by our exceptional completion data.


Students and parents describe our teachers as supportive, illustrating our commitment to encouragement and empowerment.

Overall Course Average

Comprehensive instruction and support drives learning outcomes, as shown by our students' high overall course average.


High School Courses for Every Student.

On the go, any device, anywhere, unlock any opportunity.


We create cutting-edge online courses that engage high school students and generate results.

Use of Storytelling

We leverage interactive role-playing and acting out narratives to tap into Gen Z's preference for immersive, social learning experiences.

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Use of Multimedia

We utilize short video lessons, interactive images, and other multimedia formats to speak to digital natives in their preferred language.

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Core curriculum courses for high school students.

We offer a complete selection of core subjects meeting Common Core standards—from Math and English to life-first electives like Financial Literacy and innovative NGSS Science courses.

Credit Recovery courses for high school students.

Getting off track doesn't mean falling behind. Our credit recovery courses feature pre-diagnostic assessments to pinpoint learning gaps and support rapid progress.

Advance Placement courses for high school students.

Get a head start on college-level academics across a range of subjects.

Multilingual (Spanish) courses for high school students.

We're removing language barriers for ELLs by incorporating video dubbing, lip-syncing, translating all written materials, and offering full student support services in Spanish. This makes the same world-class learning experience accessible to Spanish-speaking students.

Why enroll with Subject Virtual School?


Students have the freedom to learn at their own pace, anytime, anywhere. SVS offers an affordable and adaptable educational option that is perfectly in tune with our fast-paced, technology-driven society.

In addition, SVS caters to the diverse needs of students with unique talents and demanding schedules. This includes actors, athletes in intensive programs, families who relocate frequently (even internationally), and students who have struggled in traditional educational settings.

Flexible learning with MTSS support.

Remove curriculum blocks.

Experience adapting to demanding schedules.

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